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Demo 2019

by Rainbow Dash

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disagree you've told your story the last 30 years. static winds. conserved thoughts. now things are changing, but you are not. your defence is ignorance. many other stories will be told. you can tear your hair until you are bald. you don't want to give up. you dread the reflection of your acting. you reign. your defence is ignorance. and now things are changing and we'll push it forward. your defence is ignorance. all your stories are just a blink in our eyes, but you won't realize.
suck my love tomorrow the sun will rise again. tomorrow the stars shine bright again. tomorrow the moon will lighten my way. tomorrow the wind will blow my sorrows away. but today i wanna fight, i wanna die, i wanna dance, i wanna lay down and never get up again, i wanna cry, i wanna kiss, i wanna love, i wanna run until my lungs will explode. tomorrow the ocean will stand still. tomorrow there's only green gras on my way. tomorrow i'll climb the trees. tomorrow i'll silently, but today i wanna laugh, i wanna scream, i wanna find, i want to stare into the sun until my eyes are blind, i wanna smash, i wanna sing, i wanna sleep, i wanna spit into your face until you hit me again.
fuck wagework i tired to have bashing youth, but conditions were not right. i wasn't with any money, bordedom a central point in my life. my mom took me aside and put me in a plot – you can spend your life squinting in the sun or you get a job. fuck off! i don't wanna spend my life with shit. i belong to lazy ones, i admit. i don't wanna scoop all day long grit. i found out that wagework is fucking shit. from an early age you learn it: wagework is the key to consume and fulfillment. be grateful for your duty. capitalistic logic put into your mind. work for money and spend it on shit. don't question if you really need it. i'll better be good for nothing. refuse consuming and all that crap. tried to get organized and every little crack helps bringing it down.
rainbow dash the fear of going to far is making me sick. first step out of bed feels like i step into shit. from the outside everything seems to be fine, but i'm asking myself, why there are tears in my eyes. the fear of losing it all is shaking my bones. the darkness inside my heart described in so many poems. when all the shit brings you down. destructive feelings all around. rainbow dash into your heart. when you feel you're losing ground and there's no love left to be found. rainbow dash into your heart. the fear of losing myself is pushing me back. i wanna hold your hands but you don't understand. the fear of losing your love is taking my breath. i fucking hate to be weak. sometimes i wish i'd be dead.
SIC! 02:35
sic! sick of your ignorance. exhausted of your lies. tired of your avoidance. you are fucking shit. you tried to break me, but you didn't get me. you tried to divide us, but we are still here. no matter what you tell your friends and how this story may end. but one thing i realized. you are a scamp and you fucking lied. sick of your ignorance, but i'll forgive you. sooner or later i'm moving on.
super hereos we put our black capes on. black dressed fever. our friends on our side. rainbow believers. something's gotta be done. we are armed with stones and arrows. fascist scum you better run. rainbow dash super heroes. something's gotta be done. we are masked black violent. auf unseren baseballschlägern: never remain silent. we put our black capes on. Black dressed fever. our friends on our side. fascist scum you better run. we are rainbow believers. a deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable. this, this what we are, this who we are. come hell or high water, if we deny it, we deny everything, we've ever fought for.
Black cat black eyed cat walks down the street. aware of every step she does. men are yelling, trying to hook her up. just go faster, don’t look back. back at home she feels just shit. don’t act like a sissi, my dear. desperate, unconscious, isolated. dry your tears, it’s your own fault. black eyed cat is drowning in the sea. all by itself. black eyed cat is drowning in the sea. sick of all societys’ shit. one the same street she took last week confident carving her way. a man is staring, tries to grab her hand. with her truncheon she smashes his face. whistling at women is not easy with no teeth. you’re not a sissi, but a sister. strong, encouraged, determined. wash away the blood, it’s his own fault.


diy-recording in W12 COLLECTIVE in winter 2018


released March 20, 2019




Rainbow Dash Cologne, Germany


05.10@ Privat! Köln
24.10@ FZW Dortmund
30.12@Störte HH
..invite us!

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